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What is Change Thru Games?
Change Thru Games v6: DLC Edition is an 8-hour video game marathon brought to you by UCI Circle K!




Change Thru Games offers will host gaming tournaments for players to participate in this year with games such as League of Legends, Tetris, and more!


Alongside video games at Change Thru Games, players will also have the opportunity to be apart of board game tournaments such as Codenames, Mafia, and Egyptian War!


Here is a link to our panphlet!

Every year all of the proceeds earned at Change Thru Games will be donated to a charity! To read more about it, click on the image above to read our sponsorship pamphlet!




About UCI Circle K

Circle K clubs all over the world are based on the tenets of Service, Leadership, and Fellowship. We are the largest collegiate student-led service organization in the world, and UCI boasts the biggest club in all of Circle K International. From weekly service projects and leadership events to a welcoming family system and growing mentor-mentee program, there is something for everyone here in CKI, and we hope you enjoy your time with us from the moment you join! Give more, do more, be more. That's what it means to be part of UC Irvine Circle K!


To see our website, please press on the link below: http://www.ucicirclek.com/




Supporting Covid-19 Relief

This year we are donating all of our proceeds to the CDP Covid-19 Response Fund. The CDP COVID-19 Response Fund is focusing on support for nonprofit organizations working directly to respond to the pandemic among vulnerable populations in order to help build their capacity for response. These include social service organizations focused on supporting the following:


How To Donate

To donate to the cause, press one of the pictures, use one of the following methods below, and comment Change Thru Games!


Donate through Venmo here!         Donate through Paypal here!

And a big thank you to our sponsors!






Meet our Change Thru Games Commitee!


James Molamphy

CTG Director


Emily Yan

Admin. Production


Jeff Moreno



Kenneth Seng



Natashza Trejo

Marketing Chair


Bryant Ly

Programs Chair


Chaya Pearl



Brenda Wong

Creative Production


Brian Nguyen

Sponsorship Chair



Meet our Change Thru Games Streaming Team!


Brandon Kincaid
Arthur Tham
Hayden Poulain
Rin Nguyen
Terry Nguyen
Tin Luu